electric transfer chair | The JL9913 and JL9912 wheelchairs
01 Jan

electric transfer chair | The JL9913 and JL9912 wheelchairs

With the awareness of driving assistance, attention, including the market has a lot of imported products, more and more functions, more and more beautiful styles, materials more and more light, and easy to carry, driving has become a lot of users daily activities of the companion.|wheelchair

    JL9913, JL9912 is a more common model, four wheels, with handles, hand brakes, can be folded, the metal facade below can also be put upright, as a container, put more items. The direction of the front wheels can be adjusted, and the direction of the wheels is set to be used according to the actual situation.

    In general, wheels come in several directions: the first is fixed straight, which is more suitable for users who lack a sense of balance. Can also be used on slopes or gravel roads, can do without very much effort to control the handle, can maintain a straight line, can also turn 60 degrees left and right, more suitable for the use of this equipment on a flat, normal road surface. The other can turn left and right, suitable for users with weak endurance or hard work when turning the corner, in the supermarket or indoor use is easier to turn the corner, easy to use. The third is a 360-degree rotation of the wheel, the degree of activity is too high, need to assess the user's physical condition and handling ability, and then make appropriate choices, we must pay attention to safety. The setting of tire orientation is very important.

The above two can be folded, open after turning into a flat seat, the market is more common, the first picture sits a little smaller, the following picture is bigger, suitable for heavy-weight users, comfort is relatively good, more stable, strong, safe.