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Electric transfer chair, give you a carefree experience

Electric transfer chair, give you a carefree experience

Aug 16, 2021

Along with the development of the medical industry, our wheelchairs also makes great progress. Once the electric chair was introduced, people with disabilities have more convenient move tools. They can travel around and have a useful helper without effort. Today, a new electric transfer chair also launch on this page---- Electric transfer chair CH0024.


According to our design drawing, you could know that it consists of front handle,seat,seat back, bedpan, lifting columns, underframe, front and rear wheels. It means the user could use the commode while using this electric wheel. Therefore, It not only takes advantage of the commode wheelchair but also has the advantage of an electric wheelchair. Furthermore, the user doesn’t need to worry about the transfer of place. It is because the caregiver could use a control lift system to adjust an appropriate height to transfer the patient from bed to toilet or sofa.
electric transfer chairelectric transfer chair


First, compared with other traditional transit wheelchairs, it has back open design which offers a convenient way to caregivers for transferring the patient. Second, partner with back open design, foldable handrail pave more convenient transfer access for caregivers. Third, a removable battery also makes the tricky charging become no longer trouble. Forth, a removable bedpan let cleaning easier.
electric transfer chair


 Electric transfer chair CH0024, China transit wheelchair, gives you multi-level conveniences with its advanced design. While you choose CH0024 as your move tool, it means you invite the convenience as your movement partner.