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The Structure of Wheelchair

The Structure of Wheelchair

Aug 23, 2021

Most people wonder how the wheelchair works. And many people also have trouble about hunting for their ideal wheel chair for their daily life use. This article will help you choose wheelchair from the perspective of the wheelchair structure.

What’s the structure of Normal wheelchair?

According to the following pictures, you can clearly understand the structure of the electric wheelchair. The first factors we need to focus on are rear wheel, front castor , armrest and the backrest. It is because these factors affect the user experiences to a great extent. The weak wheel can give a bumpy travel experience to our users. Low quality front castors is hard to change the direction. The un-foldable armrest sets difficulty on folding the wheelchair. The degree of comfortable of the backrest also directly affect the using experience of the users
china wheelchairchina wheelchair

What is a good wheelchair?

When we decide to buy a wheelchair, we find out there are many types of wheelchair dazing our eyes. Therefore, a question comes up with our minds, What is a good wheelchair? If the user has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), they could choose an electric wheelchair, especially a reclining, tilting, and standing power chair depending on the progression of the disease. If the user has Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the motorized wheelchair could be his/her ideal choice. For those who cannot independently or have great difficulty standing, standing and reclining power chairs are the best choice.


The reason why there are many different types of wheelchair in the market is the society pays attention the life convenience of the people with disability. You could choose the ideal wheelchair in the market. Cherish Medical, China wheelchair manufacturers, always focus on the homecare rehbilitation products, providing high quality wheelchair, commode and walker.