Sports wheelchair CH720LQ

Sports wheelchair CH720LQ

Aluminum frame, flip-up inclined  armrests, detachable footrest, solid castor, pneumatic rear wheel

The chair of Aluminum frame & cross brace could give you a reliable wheelchair journey. This wheelchair equips with PU tyres reduce rolling resistance, giving you a smoother, comfier ride. The wheelchair is also fitted with adjustable armrest been designed so you can use the chair whilst sitting at a desk, as well as swing away footrests and foldable backrest, helping to ensure that every trip in the CH730LQ could be convenient for the users.

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Light sports wheelchair

With The Advent Of The Aging Population, Improving The Quality Of Life Of The Elderly And Meeting The Increasing Demand For Assistive Devices Are Our Focus. With The Continuous Development Of Medical Technology, We Need To Meet The Diversity Of Life Needs. Cherish Medical Was Established In 2018. We Have Built An Experienced Team. The Company Has More Than 200 Employees And Strong Technical Force. Professional And Technical Personnel Account For The Number Of Employees. More Than 45%, To Ensure That We Are Determined To Help Customers Create Products By Taking The Road Of Technological Innovation And Provide Different Intelligent Value-Added Services. Modern Design And Technology Are Adopted To Make The Product Repeatedly Reach The Level Of User Satisfaction In Terms Of Form, Function, Usability And Quality. Let Smart Connection And Progressive And Personalized Solutions For Daily Rehabilitation Care Become A Part Of Your Life, Making Life Easier And Reducing The Burden On Nursing Staff.

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The role of sports wheelchairs

   Sports wheelchairs are specially designed wheelchairs used for leisure sports or competitions. Common ones are racing or basketball, and they are also common for dancing. Generally speaking, lightweight and durable are the characteristics, and many high-tech materials are used .
 Sports wheelchairs are mainly provided for disabled persons to use during sports activities, and are mainly divided into two categories: ball and racing. The design is special, and the material is generally aluminum alloy or light-weight material, which is strong and light. But the price is also more expensive.

The role of sports wheelchairs

Features of sports wheelchairs

1. Light weight, sports wheelchairs are designed to save effort while sliding, so the weight of the wheelchair is minimized at the beginning of the design. Of course, it mainly depends on the material of the wheelchair. The weight of a general sports wheelchair ranges from a few kilograms to a dozen kilograms. The lighter the sports wheelchair, the more labor-saving and the more expensive it is;
2. The driving wheel is generally a middle wheel, too large or too small is not conducive to self-service rowing;
3. The function is simple. The so-called energy saving and fast sliding of the sports wheelchair is the last word. Therefore, the sports wheelchair does not have any other redundant functions, including guards and armrests, which are mostly removed for the convenience of sliding;
Fourth, the wheelbase is short, and the length of the whole vehicle is shortened. In order to facilitate sliding and flexible steering, the wheelbase of sports wheelchairs is shorter, and the guide wheels are relatively small;
Fifth, most of the driving wheels can be quickly disassembled. In order to facilitate the disabled to go out and carry and disassemble, most of the sports wheelchairs can be disassembled quickly, such as the driving wheel.

Features of sports wheelchairs
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Very light, the wheelchair is very convenient to carry, easy to fold, flexible, very easy to use, you can buy it with confidence


The quality is very good, the design is reasonable, and I always want to buy such a wheelchair


The beds are very comfortable and of good quality, and it is convenient for the patient to lie on it


The walker is easy to install, light and flexible to use, easy to enter and exit, and is basically not affected by obstacles on the ground.


The quality is very good! The appearance is beautiful and generous! Easy to use


Easy to install, small and light, the elderly can push a little effortlessly, and walk freely

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Aluminum frame& cross brace ·Brace, foldable backrest ·adjustable armrest ·Swing away footrest ·Plastic black footrest with heel loop, 8”castor &24” quick wheel with PU tyre

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