Electric transfer chair CH002A | transit wheelchair electric

Electric transfer chair CH002A | transit wheelchair electric

Electric transfer chair is cosisted of front handle,seat,seat back,bedpan,lifting columns,underframe,front and rear wheels.The seatback is back open design,easy for transfering patient.
    Electric tranfer chair is powered by lithium battery,driven by electric motors to achieve lifting up and down.Operator can press the button to control the seat up and down ,lift the patient to a suitable height,tranfer the patient from bed to toilet or sofa.

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4 In1 Adjustable Transfer Bench

With The Advent Of The Aging Population, Improving The Quality Of Life Of The Elderly And Meeting The Increasing Demand For Assistive Devices Are Our Focus. With The Continuous Development Of Medical Technology, We Need To Meet The Diversity Of Life Needs. Cherish Medical Was Established In 2018. We Have Built An Experienced Team. The Company Has More Than 200 Employees And Strong Technical Force. Professional And Technical Personnel Account For The Number Of Employees. More Than 45%, To Ensure That We Are Determined To Help Customers Create Products By Taking The Road Of Technological Innovation And Provide Different Intelligent Value-Added Services. Modern Design And Technology Are Adopted To Make The Product Repeatedly Reach The Level Of User Satisfaction In Terms Of Form, Function, Usability And Quality. Let Smart Connection And Progressive And Personalized Solutions For Daily Rehabilitation Care Become A Part Of Your Life, Making Life Easier And Reducing The Burden On Nursing Staff.

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Features of electric transfer chair

The electric transfer chair includes a walking component, a foldable support component, a locking component, a flexible chair cushion and a viewing component. The multifunctional transfer chair can flexibly adjust the sitting posture, choose the most comfortable angle according to different patients, and can use the viewing component to help patients soothe the mood. The foldable design is beneficial to the transportation and storage of the transfer chair, and improves work efficiency.

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Very light, the wheelchair is very convenient to carry, easy to fold, flexible, very easy to use, you can buy it with confidence


The quality is very good, the design is reasonable, and I always want to buy such a wheelchair


The beds are very comfortable and of good quality, and it is convenient for the patient to lie on it


The walker is easy to install, light and flexible to use, easy to enter and exit, and is basically not affected by obstacles on the ground.


The quality is very good! The appearance is beautiful and generous! Easy to use


Easy to install, small and light, the elderly can push a little effortlessly, and walk freely

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A power wheelchair, unlike a wheelchair that requires manual power, runs on an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. It is also known by various other names like a motorized wheelchair, power chair, or Electric Powered Wheelchair (EPW).

A power wheelchair is like an upgraded version to a manual one. It is used by individuals who are aged or with disabilities resulting in mobility impairments. It is for the people who require a wheelchair but lack the energy to operate a basic one manually and/or for those who do not have any caretakers to operate it for them 24/7. It is also used by individuals with cardiovascular and fatigue-based conditions.

·The sense of complete independence – It lessens their dependence on people to push their wheelchair around for them. ·It is battery-powered and easy to use – individuals using them do not require any assistance to operate it. ·It comes in various types – some of which allow the user to use it in terrains that are not accessible using a manual wheelchair. ·Many customizable seating options – provide the user with the utmost comfort. ·Can travel long distances – an opportunity to go farther than what might have been possible using a manual wheelchair. ·Small turning radius – it is easily maneuverable in tight or small spaces.

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{keyword} | The advantages of electric wheelchairs are: no need to burn oil, energy saving, environmental protection and money saving; easier transfer, which can save a certain amount of manpower and material resources; can save a certain amount of transfer time, and transfer more quickly.

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An electric wheelchair is a wheelchair operation method with an electric motor, usually with a joystick; there are general electric wheelchairs, electric lift electric wheelchairs, standing electric wheelchairs, reclining electric wheelchairs and climbing electric wheelchairs. They all have common characteristics. , That is, the joystick can walk freely, which can realize barrier-free life

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{keyword} | Sports wheelchairs are generally lighter than ordinary wheelchairs. Ordinary wheelchairs are generally more than ten kilograms, while sports wheelchairs are generally less than ten kilograms. The lightest sports carbon-plastic wheelchair is 2.4 kilograms.

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