Rollator CH9189L

Rollator CH9189L

Aluminium frame adjustable handle height; soft oxford seat,handle grips with brake system, 9.5"Front Casters.

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How to Use a Rollator Walker

With The Advent Of The Aging Population, Improving The Quality Of Life Of The Elderly And Meeting The Increasing Demand For Assistive Devices Are Our Focus. With The Continuous Development Of Medical Technology, We Need To Meet The Diversity Of Life Needs. Cherish Medical Was Established In 2018. We Have Built An Experienced Team. The Company Has More Than 200 Employees And Strong Technical Force. Professional And Technical Personnel Account For The Number Of Employees. More Than 45%, To Ensure That We Are Determined To Help Customers Create Products By Taking The Road Of Technological Innovation And Provide Different Intelligent Value-Added Services. Modern Design And Technology Are Adopted To Make The Product Repeatedly Reach The Level Of User Satisfaction In Terms Of Form, Function, Usability And Quality. Let Smart Connection And Progressive And Personalized Solutions For Daily Rehabilitation Care Become A Part Of Your Life, Making Life Easier And Reducing The Burden On Nursing Staff.

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The role of rollator walker aids

1. Maintain balance; such as the elderly, non-central disorders of lower limb weakness, lower limb spasticity, poor advancement, and inability to balance the center of gravity, but it has little effect on balance disorders in elderly patients with stroke and multiple cerebral infarction.
2. Support weight; after hemiplegia or paraplegia, the patient's muscle strength is weakened or the lower limbs are weak and cannot support the weight or the joint pain cannot bear weight, the walker can play a substitute role.
3. To enhance muscle strength, walking sticks and axillary sticks are often used. Because they need to support the body, they can enhance the muscle strength of the extensor muscles of the upper limbs.
   Generally speaking, walking sticks are suitable for patients with hemiplegia or unilateral lower limb paralysis, and forearm sticks and axillary sticks are suitable for paraplegic patients. The supporting area of the walker is larger, and it is more stable than the axillary rod, and it is mostly used indoors.

The role of rollator walker  aids

How to use a rollator walker

Walking aids can be supported by equipment so that elderly patients with inconvenient legs and feet can take care of themselves and those who cannot walk can take care of themselves, and can go out and disperse like people.
1. Adjust the walking aid (precise and comfortable height fit):
1. Connect your hand to the elbow joint. The angle of the elbow joint should make the hand feel comfortable (about 30 degrees).
2. The height of the bone marrow hyperplasia, the precise opening of the eyes, and the top of the walker must be flush with the inward junction of the proliferation.
2. Trial:
1. If you have 3 legs injured or disabled, you first need to push the walker forward while keeping your body straight.
2. Then choose another kind of walker, and keep the walker still when walking.
3. Finally, move the other three feet into the walker, the walker still remains stationary. Keep moving the walker forward and repeat the above process. When used continuously, these three steps will start again and coincide.
3. Description:
1. If there is no defect and disability, and only need a walking aid or balance, you can simply follow the time step, just put it in front. When the walker is in front, stand inside the walker instead of standing beside it.
2. Don't guide the walker. One of the common mistakes in using is to put the walker before you want it. straight.
3. Another common mistake is to increase the height of the walker, making it uncomfortable to walk more, and more likely to fall.

How to use a rollator walker
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Very light, the wheelchair is very convenient to carry, easy to fold, flexible, very easy to use, you can buy it with confidence


The quality is very good, the design is reasonable, and I always want to buy such a wheelchair


The beds are very comfortable and of good quality, and it is convenient for the patient to lie on it


The walker is easy to install, light and flexible to use, easy to enter and exit, and is basically not affected by obstacles on the ground.


The quality is very good! The appearance is beautiful and generous! Easy to use


Easy to install, small and light, the elderly can push a little effortlessly, and walk freely

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·Aluminium frame adjustable handle height; ·soft oxford seat,handle grips with brake system, ·9.5"Front Casters.

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