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The walker is a twistable interactive product that can be used for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs of the elderly, assisting in walking, and supporting the body

Walker CH9191 Knee Walker | walking aid

Specifications   Item No. #CH9191 Opened Width 92cm Overall Height 86-107cm Dia. Of Rear Wheel 9cm Weight Cap. 100kg  

Walker CH9101 | walking aid

Item No. #CH9101 Opened Width 62cm Seat Width 38cm Overall Height 57-81cm Dia. Of Rear Wheel 3cm Dia. Of Front Castor 3cm

Aluminum walker with wheels CH8209

Foldable, light and flexible, easy to use Use thick aluminum alloy material, upgrade thicker pipe, light and wear-resistant With bath version and wheels

Drive medical Rehabilitation aluminum walker CH9220AH

Fitted with padded chest rest Firm and stable Aluminum frame With durable PVC wheels Swivel angle adjustable hand grips, Oval tube frame be made of heavy duty aluminum. Pwdded vinyl cover for user

Aluminium folding Heavy Duty walker CH9220C

Fitted with Adjustable padded chest rest Firm and stable Aluminum frame Wthe durable mute TPR wheels, rear wheels with foot brake Swivel angle adjustable hand grips. Oval tube frame be made of heavy

Lightweight aluminum walker CH9248A

Common Feature • Made of lightweight aluminum • New designed simple and stable structure walker • Lever folding system •&